About us

ISTAS (Union Institute of Work, Environment and Health) is a self-managed trade union’s technical foundation supported by the Spanish Trade Union Confederation CCOO to promote the improvement of working conditions, occupational health and safety and environmental protection in Spain.

ISTAS was founded in 1996 by Spanish Trade Union "Comisiones Obreras" (CC.OO.) and is part of a collective effort to achieve a society of free and equal citizens based upon solidarity, fair social progress and environmentally sustainable development.

ISTAS is a technical and scientific organization and it works in conformity with the following principles:

  • Service to workers
  • Technical and scientific accuracy
  • Technical and operative self-management
  • Correspondence with Spanish Trade Union "Comisiones Obreras" (CC.OO.) goals and strategies
ISTAS’ legal status is that of a non-profit, self-managed labour foundation supported by Spanish Trade Union "Comisiones Obreras" (CC.OO.), under the authority of the Ministry of Labour. Registration data can be reviewed in the document: Legal and Fiscal Identification.

Guidelines, work plans, accounts, financial statements and management of the foundation are supervised by a Board of Directors that also sets the priorities and tasks and approves budgetary assignments.

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