Service to workers

Research, studies, publications and actions carried out by ISTAS have a basic operative goal: the improvement of health and safety at work and environmental protection.


ISTAS intensifies trade union representatives' capability especially that of health and safety reps.

Given the role of safety reps and the rights they are entitled to by the Occupational Health and Safety Act (LPRL), a great part of our activity has focused on providing information, training and advisory to safety reps as well as the necessary tools for trade union intervention at the workplaces.

ISTAS is also developing new instruments and resources to support new forms of representation adopted by some regional and sectoral agreements, like the environmental reps.

Examples of this support materials are the following publications: Trade union guide for safety reps, Health and Safety at the Workplace, Trade union guide for intervention on chemical risks at the workplace, Work Organisation, Health and Psychosocial risks: A Trade Union Guide. These publications are distributed in printed form by the different trade union organizations but are also available for free download on our website.